Oct 24, 2007

Look at my Skis

My Skis are here. My skis are here. My skis are here...I love them and now cannot wait until the snow comes.

So we are going to get ski lessons so I can keep up with Brenda on the slops. (We all know she leaves people that cannot keep up).

And just in case you were wondering my boots are gray and my poles are gray also. A girl has to match. See you on the slopes. I will be the one tumbling down the hill :)

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Now I offically have the oldest skis in the family.... how did this happen. No worries I will kick everyones butt on the slopes any way. Just for clarification I only desert people who are at least 16 and can take care of themselves.... I don't leave children behind.... well I haven't yet! Can I help it if a girl gets excited zipping down the slopes. See ya on the mountain!