Oct 15, 2007

Hammer Time

So growing up my dad had these gloves...he called them hammer gloves. Whenever he had them on he said it was hammer time. I know it sounds silly but it always made me smile. (and in case you were wondering he was still doing it when I was 15 so it was a long standing joke)...
The gloves themselves were leather with the finger tips cut off. Now it might not have been the most fashionable article of clothing he owned but for some reason I will always remember the hammer gloves.
So when it came into fashion to have mitts (fingerless gloves for you who do not know) I had to knit them and tonight I finished my first one.

Pattern: Fingerless Garter mitts from
Oneskein by: Leigh Radford
Yarn: Natures Palette

Please ignore my man hands. Yes that is right I have man hands and I am sensitive about it. I know it would not seem like that with me posting this for the world to see but there it is...my hands are so big that I had to adjust the patten to fit my man hands...why I do not have dainty fingers I will never know. I will always envy you people with little fingers...
The only complaint is because I am a new knitter (only a few months now) it is not a perfect fit. In the future I will adjust my adjustments for fewer rows so they are a tad tighter but since that is the only thing that went wrong who can complain.
Any who moving on. I really love these. I love them so much that I am typing with one on right now (because I only have one done)...well I am off to cash on its mate so I can fulfill my childhood dreams of having my very own pair of hammer gloves (pink of course)


Kristina said...

Hopefully no one will decide to hide them on you like we did to Dad. They look great!

Brenda said...

I love the hammer gloves!!!!!!!! Wear one is fashionable...if you live in 1985 and are named Micheal Jackson!

MOM said...

WOW! What a professional looking job. You are becoming a marvelous knitter! I'm not telling Dad that you have them so you can bring them home and surprise him! I'm sure he'll take all the credit for coming up with "HAMMER GLOVES".