Sep 27, 2007

My 1st Fiber Festival

Last weekend I went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, OR. It was a great event. I felt like I was not alone in my knitting obsession and was surrounded by my people…alright let’s be honest I am too weird to have people...I can only hope and pray that I become good enough to be included in the knitting world. I have to get a lot better at knitting before that happens. Although I am yet to become one of them everyone there was super nice.

My wonderful friend Jenny went with me. It was great having a seasoned knitter. She also showed me the lay of the land. We went from one building to the next. It was amazing. There were so many knitters and spinners there. My eyes were open and I saw how large the knitting community is.

Since it was my first festival I felt the need to bring back some memories so I bought some yarn...

This yarn is from Laurel Ridge Alpacas in Oregon City, Or. It is so soft. This is the first yarn that I have purchases that is natural color. Was so happy with it that I also bought two in a dark brown.

This is a lace weight. (my first purchase of lace weight yarn) It is 100% Superfine Alpaca from Dicentra Designs.

This was my impulse buy. All I could think about is making fingerless gloves out of it. It is from Nature's Palette. The color is Odd Duck...kind of reminds me of me...

I love everything that I got but my stash is getting bigger and bigger...I cannot wait to cast on the fingerless gloves. They make me feel so eighties…and then all I want to do watch Girls Just Want to Have Fun. (One of the best movies of all time.)

Sep 23, 2007

In the beginning...

I never know how to start anything so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I have no idea how to start a blog. But I will just jump in…

Here is a little bit about me. I am a 24 year old mortgage broker. I moved to Oregon two and a half years about from Michigan. I have two dogs, Lydia and Maya, and one husband, JJ. A few months ago my friend Jenny introduced me to Knitting and I became hooked.

The urge to start a blog came as I started researching knitting on the internet. I read so many great blogs. The more I looked the more I found so I thought hell I can do that. So here is my attempt to do that; to share my thoughts and experiences. I hope that people read. I hope that it is interesting. I hope that I grow as a result of it.


Just as an FYI I am a horrible speller and I am even worse at grammar. I know I should have paid attention in school but here we please be nice!!