Jul 23, 2009

Bed Wetter

Last night was one for the record books.

  • 8:50pm     pick up DH at train station
  • 9:30     arrive home
  • 10:30    DD wakes up and DH goes to 'calm' her
  • 10:32     DH asks for help b/c DD is on full on scream mode; DD goes downstairs upon my arrival to save the day
  • 10:45     go downstairs to get DH to come to bed
  • 11:30     DH wakes up
  • 1:30am     DH wakes up – upon sitting up in bed my right hand is wet the dog got up after we were sleeping and pissed in her sleep all over our bed
  • 1:30     screaming at DH to wake up – DH "go take care of DD I will take care of this"
  • 1:35     reenter bed room to find DH sitting on bed having not moved yet – he asks me for a towel
  • 1:36     DH sets the towel on the bed and rolls over – 5 milliseconds latter I yell at him to get up and help me change the bed
  • 1:45     back into bed clean sheets and all
  • 1:46     DD wakes up
  • 1:47     DH says bring her into our bed
  • 1:50     DD wakes up for the day and is hitting me in the face and laughing
  • 3:30     get DD back to bed after we had playtime – sleep
  • 6:30     DH gets up for work and remembers his truck is at work – I will have to dive him in

I think last night justifies the donut that I stopped and got this morning. What do you think?

Mar 17, 2009


Please go read this (don't worry I will wait)


Thank god Vogue let me know. This last five months I have been having all these problems with clothes since I pushed out my kid but the solution has been right there in front of me...just loss weight. Now I am off to do just that...I better hurry I really want to fix my fitting problems.

Mar 11, 2009


Your jealous and I know it. You wish you could have my neighbors and share in their March tradition of putting their Christmas tree in a garbage can. Due to this being a tradition we shun that the garbage company does not pick up yard waste we will just leave it there until they come and get it. They will get it eventually.
(Garbage day is Friday so the tree has been gracing our presence for six days). See I knew you were jealous.

Mar 9, 2009


Dear Blog,

Wow has it been a year since I have taken the time to write to you. I am sure that you think I have not thought about you. That when I take a walk and a freak hailstorm hits that it does not occur to me to tell you about it. But that is just not true. You are on my mind. Whenever something happens to me I think that I should blog about it.

This past year has been a life altering one. I got prego and then had a baby…(that is usually what that medical condition pregnancy does to you…) Did I want to tell you about my morning sickness, my cute doctor or stretch marks. Yes but I just couldn't do it.

But it is a new year and I face this year with new vigor. I will blog. I will tell you all the embarrassing moments. I promise to do better so I can never be called a blog slacker again.