Oct 17, 2007


So those of you out there who think I lead a charmed life, I am speaking to the three people who read this blog, you may have to rethink your position.

Although I live in the wonderful state of Oregon, have a great job and am a fabulous knitter the world turned on me yesterday. I know it is hard to believe but on thing after another is turning to poo. It all started with my dogs, both of them, deciding yesterday evening that life would not be complete without a good roll in dead deer. Now I know what you are thinking wow that smell must have been horrible and you would be right. I have never smelt something that vial in...forever.

You will be glad to know that we did wash them and they smell like man soap. (sorry that is all we had) and after washing anything they may have touched the smell is gone...Yippee!!


Brenda said...

Dead deer smell ......... ewwwwwwwwww (and I am saying that like I am Ernest). I can't say I am jealous of that. At least you were able to get the smell out with soap... if it would've been a skunk you would've been in deep doodoo.

MOM said...

I hope the dogs didn't drag the dead deer home with them! I can't believe that they even found one. Too bad I wasn't around to help, right now I can't smell anything...however, since I'm not overly fond of dogs, it might have ended up being a disaster.

Just one more reason that Dad & I are empty nesters and that includes any kind of animal (Kids & dogs).