Jan 30, 2008

80s Book Installment one

80s Book
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Here is the wonderful 80's knitting book that I picked up at our local second hand store. When I first saw it I could not imagine why someone would give up this wonderful gift of knitting adventure. The big 80's hair and the great color schemes really call to my inner crafter to knit, knit, knit!

Now the cover really is not that bad. The color combos are alright but it looks like a firework went off on her shirt. Weird. Then look at the hair. super cool.

I know what you are all thinking it is mean for me to be making fun of someone's hard work. I know this book was rocking in the 80's but times change and so does fashion. If I can not look back and make fun of some seriously bad 80's clothing is there really any hope for my life? It is sad but true this brings me joy. Now you know I am shallow and we can move on.

More tomorrow as I am still in Sunriver, OR with my in-laws and right now JJ thinks I am getting ready to go for a ski.


Kristina said...

I think what I like the best about this picture is the gratituous neck shot of the model, because everyone would rather see your neck than a straight on shot of your face.

Anonymous said...

Hey...don't make fun of the 80's or I'll have to post some 80's pictures of all of you with your lovely - Mom & Aunt L. make bows that matched all of your outfits!

b said...

What I like best is that that sweater is like 4 sizes too big for the model... quite the change from today when everything is 4 sizes too small.