Dec 9, 2007


So I know that I have missed Pet Peeve Tuesday well for a month. I have had pet peeves come and go but just so you know that I had one of those moments this last month that made me really know in my heart that men and women are very different people.

Let me set the scene for you. As a favor for my hubby I went 'hunting' with him. (I did get to do a lot of knitting, so it was not all bad). This hunting involved getting up at three am and getting into the truck and driving to the lookout. This was super fun. Also included was three days of whispering because the Elk can hear us. By the way the Elk are at least five hundred yards away.

So all that hunting stuff is so much fun but living in the camp is really special. It is like a hotel. There are fires and two campers. We sleep in a 1970's pop up trailer. I am feeling special. But I should not complain because they built me a toilet.
Let me describe this luxury in the great outdoors. It is basically a ply wood box with a hole cut in the top. Although they said they built it for me they have been camping there for years and it is about seven years old. But like any good women does when nature started calling I grabbed my husband hiked up my skirt and went down to go pee. As my husband held the light and I did my business I said "Do you know what I am really scared of at this moment" (please take a sec and look into my mind...I was thinking a splinter) He says (as I am still on the pot) "Spiders? Small rodents? Birds? about the whole thing collapsing and falling into the hole?" Lets just say I have never went so fast in all my life.

So lets fast forward three days into the future. I have basically held my business at much as possible and was looking forward to being able to go home. Well as we are at our last meal, lunch, before we set off into the sunset. We shared camp with some nice men from the coast of Oregon. As one of the older men in camp look at me and says I saw you going down to the toilet this morning...(followed by some dirty jokes). His son looks at me and said "You use the old porta-potty in the woods?" I said "Where else am I going to go?" He concludes with "Well the toilet in our camper. All the girls go in there and there is a shower too." This may be the only time in my life I have been close to murder.

After three days with no shower having to shit outside in the woods when I could have used an indoor toilet I came to the moment of the Pet peeve.

I really gets to me when people assume you know something that you could never know. Really if I knew there even was a toilet in that camper the three days prior why in the world would I have been going outside?


B said...

That is like something that you see in a movie.....I HATE going to the bathroom in the great out doors. Makes me feel like a monkey.... plus I am always scared that I am going to wipe with a poison ivy leaf!!!!! I say the Jeff owes you for that one!

MOM said...

Boys will be boys! Boys or men always assume that you know what they know. You must ask, in some instances several times, as they either ignore you or say they didn't hear you. Most of them never offer relevent information, unless you drag it out of them. This is just part of, for your own peace of mind...just ask!