Mar 9, 2009


Dear Blog,

Wow has it been a year since I have taken the time to write to you. I am sure that you think I have not thought about you. That when I take a walk and a freak hailstorm hits that it does not occur to me to tell you about it. But that is just not true. You are on my mind. Whenever something happens to me I think that I should blog about it.

This past year has been a life altering one. I got prego and then had a baby…(that is usually what that medical condition pregnancy does to you…) Did I want to tell you about my morning sickness, my cute doctor or stretch marks. Yes but I just couldn't do it.

But it is a new year and I face this year with new vigor. I will blog. I will tell you all the embarrassing moments. I promise to do better so I can never be called a blog slacker again.



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