Jul 23, 2009

Bed Wetter

Last night was one for the record books.

  • 8:50pm     pick up DH at train station
  • 9:30     arrive home
  • 10:30    DD wakes up and DH goes to 'calm' her
  • 10:32     DH asks for help b/c DD is on full on scream mode; DD goes downstairs upon my arrival to save the day
  • 10:45     go downstairs to get DH to come to bed
  • 11:30     DH wakes up
  • 1:30am     DH wakes up – upon sitting up in bed my right hand is wet the dog got up after we were sleeping and pissed in her sleep all over our bed
  • 1:30     screaming at DH to wake up – DH "go take care of DD I will take care of this"
  • 1:35     reenter bed room to find DH sitting on bed having not moved yet – he asks me for a towel
  • 1:36     DH sets the towel on the bed and rolls over – 5 milliseconds latter I yell at him to get up and help me change the bed
  • 1:45     back into bed clean sheets and all
  • 1:46     DD wakes up
  • 1:47     DH says bring her into our bed
  • 1:50     DD wakes up for the day and is hitting me in the face and laughing
  • 3:30     get DD back to bed after we had playtime – sleep
  • 6:30     DH gets up for work and remembers his truck is at work – I will have to dive him in

I think last night justifies the donut that I stopped and got this morning. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

"DH" isn't the only husband that would think that putting a towel on top of a wet bed was 'just fine'. It's a man thing! Things are perfectly acceptable when they are 3/4 asleep.