Feb 20, 2008

Book Sup 2

80s Book
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The second picture in the 80 book series.

This lovely garment is brought to life with pastel colors really setting off the I look hot and I know it look of the model. To further accent, this knitted gem the model has large bangles (who didn't have at least one bangle in the 80's?) and a large floppy hat.

The structure of the garment while not showing any figure is flattering for those breezy summer days. With tastefully placed venting holes (also called lace), you are sure never to become over heated. This is brought to the next level with one shoulder showing...all I can say is go get them ladies.

FYI. I finished something so completed project coming up tomorrow.

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b said...

You could easily update this garmet to the 90's by knitting it in the neon pink, green, and yellow colors.............HA HA