Nov 7, 2007

Another night in the fog

I find the fog fascinating. Last night at about 10pm I was letting the doggies out and as I stepped outside my house I step into a blanket of fog. I do not know about you but before I moved to Oregon I had never been in thick fog before. So I called to Jeff in an impatient voice to get him to come outside (he may have thought it was an emergency but what is a girl going to do if she needs him to get off the couch and out the door)

As he comes outside I am moving (I would call it dancing except I do not know how to dance). I think I may have frightened my neighbors but it was a moment in my life where I just wanted to be a kid again and 'dance' in the really was wonderful. I love being able to let go every now and then.


So I am going to take a moment to explain my recent blog slacking. I know that for a whole week I did not post. I am sorry world. (only about four people read this so sorry four people) but what do you write about day in and day out.

I really have nothing to tell you all. I am a bit quirky, I would say lovable but my life is boring. I sit behind a big desk everyday and unfortunately work. (well to be truthful it is not big but it is mine so I am happy about that) I will try to be better and post more often even if it is gibberish like the fog story above. That did happen but really did you even want to know that I was excited about the fog last night? No it most likely just turned me into a bigger dork in your eyes but that is OK...because I think I am OK with that.


I have been knitting although there is not much to report. Last week I started about ten projects and frogged them all. It seemed like nothing was coming together for me. I want to knit so many different things that it is hampering what I am currently working on. I hope to have pictures for you this week. I started on a new scarf (imagine that) and I am currently stuck on the socks. I am going to get help tomorrow at the Knit Shop so I should be able to get on my way...

I hope you have a great Wednesday filled with fog dancing (a new trend) and no mean retirees...


Brenda said...

I for one have been pestering Kayla and calling her the "blog slacker". If you think you are a dork what do you call the person who checks your blog twice a day?

Fog is pretty cool but I have seen to many horror movie to love it (including the thiller The Fog, which is a snooze).

Hope your knitting gets to be more enjoyable soon... nothing like the feeling that you aren't getting anything accomplished.

Kristina said...

"Last week I started about ten projects and frogged them all."

Is "frogged" a knitting term? Just a bit confused as I know next to nothing about knitting...

On another note, I like your blog, no matter what you write about, I can relate to it.

MOM said...

I love to read your blog.... However, I have to agree with K.... "Frogged" is a new one on me, but may now become my favorite curse word.